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Today we will dive into our H I S T O R Y and there is no better way to do so than to introduce you to our founder, Tex.

In 1969, Rev. Glenn “Tex” Evans — a United Methodist minister — became one of the first people to connect the energy of youth with the deep needs of the poor.

During Tex’s 13 years as director at Henderson Settlement in Frakes, Kentucky, he witnessed the great need for home repair assistance. So as part of his already-thriving outreach to the people of Appalachia, he recruited 50 teens and adult volunteers to repair homes in Barbourville, Kentucky. They worked on-site during the day and worshiped in the evenings. By summer’s end, four families had safe, warm homes for the winter, fifty young lives had been changed forever — and a longstanding legacy was born.

But Tex was more than a leader; he was a born motivator. A true student of Appalachian culture and a legendary storyteller, he set the tone for what ASP is today: an extended family where laughter is king. Where relationships matter. And where changing the lives of families and volunteers alike is the highest priority of all.

We thank Tex for creating a vision that has lasted more than 50 years, he is the reason we are here today, he is the reason for ASP! You can learn more about ASP on our website, www.ASPhome.org. And be sure to check back later this week as we continue to dive into #ASP101


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8. Wash your hands ...

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Hello Orthodox Youth Mission Team CT/NY,

Glory to Jesus Christ!

In the interest of safety first we will be postponing Training # 3 scheduled to take place in Danbury on 3/15 and in Orange on 3/22. Stay tuned for updates on our Tool Training day on April 4th.

Please give any stock that you have received to Lynne or Shaun.

Stay safe and continue to pray for all of those affected by the virus.

In Christ, Susan

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#mlkday2020 ...

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